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Nano-technology Creates The Strongest, Longest Lasting,
Water Soluble, Environmentally Friendly Coatings.

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— Fr. David M. Wilton, CPM
Father’s of Mercey, Auburn, KY
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The Longest Lasting, Eco-friendly,
Water Soluble Coatings...
In The World.

Company Overview

WonderPaint was founded in 1980 as American Solar Acrylics to develop and produce an energy efficient roof coating system. Throughout its history, the company has evolved and continuously developed products to solve specific problems of the building industry. The company now has a proven product portfolio of unique environmentally friendly coatings based on innovative science and chemical engineering.

Company Mission

To meet the demanding needs of today’s property owner, property manager and contractor with time-tested, environmentally safe and chemically superior products that provide long-term value (saving time and money) compared to the products generally available in the marketplace today.


WonderPaint has a very compelling group of products that differentiates itself from the competition. After nearly 40 years of research and development, the products have been chemically engineered to exceed the performance of the best products available.

Features & Benefits

Durable yet Flexible — by crosslinking acrylics and urethane particles at the nano-technology level, WonderPaint products are extremely durable while maintaining optimum flexibility. This combination of strength and flexibility ensures the coating remains fully adhered to the surface it is applied to. This results in a longer lasting solution for the customer with less callbacks for the contractor due to product failure like cracking, peeling or chipping.

Breathable and Low-maintenance — because of the crosslinking chemistry in the WonderPaint products, the coatings are low-maintenance and allow for water vapors to pass through the product while maintaining an impermeable barrier to liquid water and other contaminants. The result is a longer lasting, lower maintenance solution and a better outcome overall.

Easy to Apply — most WonderPaint products can be applied with a brush, roller, or a simple garden sprayer. No high-tech or expensive apparatus is required to apply. This allows for lower labor costs for the customer and better margins for the contractor.

Easy Clean-up — because the WonderPaint products are water-based and contain no solvents, mild soap and water is all that’s required for clean-up. This also allows for lower labor costs for the customer and better margins for the contractor.

Green — WonderPaint products are uniquely engineered using a special titanium-oxide to resist ultraviolet light making the surface they are applied to very energy efficient. Plus, WonderPaint products are water-based with extremely low volatile organic compound (VOC) content, which means they will not harm plants or animals, and there are no harmful vapors when used in a confined area. This provides energy savings to the customer and makes the process of applying the products safe for the contractor and safe for the environment.

Company Quality Commitment

Company Quality Commitment - The company stands behind its products with a money-back guarantee. This guarantee is backed by the manufacturer and varies by product from 3 to 15 years. WonderPaint products carry a lifetime guarantee. These guarantees are limited to the replacement cost of the product only and in some cases the guarantees are transferrable.