Preventex – 5 Gallon

Superior Protection Against the Elements

A Coat of Preventex™ is Worth a Pound of Cure
Preventex™ is a coating that when applied to any wood or drywall surface works as a preservative to prevent the damaging effects of moisture. Preventex™ is used as a primer before applying a topcoat like WonderPaint™ or WonderClear™, preserving the beauty of the wood or protecting the integrity of drywall for years to come.

HOW IT WORKS When applied, Preventex™ saturates into the cellulose fibers of any wood or paper on drywall and actually becomes a part of the material it is applied to. It fills the pours in the cellulose and actually converts some of the cellulose to a stable polymer. This stable polymer component provides a superior surface for the topcoat to adhere to ensuring a final finish that won’t crack or peel, and is an impenetrable barrier to moisture. But we didn’t stop there. Preventex™ goes a step further by employing anti-fungal and anti-microbial chemistry giving it an added layer of protection against damage caused by mold, mildew, algae, fungi and wood rot.

Check the Product Sheet to see which products are required for proper application.


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